Update on Izzy

We wanted to let you all in on what we discovered at Izzy's
cardiologist appointment today.

First, the good news. The hole in her heart is definitely getting
smaller (yay)!

The bad news is her heart is starting to show signs of congestive
heart failure. Her heart is stressed because some blood is getting
pumped to her lungs and back to the heart again instead of going to
the rest of her body first. He prescribed medicine to help combat
this problem in hopes that her heart will show signs of improvement
long enough for the hole to close on it's own.

So there's that. Good news is she's currently not showing signs of
heart failure, to the shock of her cardiologist.

The other bad news is that she's not gaining weight like he hoped.
She's gone from the 50th percentile at birth, to the 10th or 12th
percentile now. He wants her to gain more as it will make her less
veunerable to disease, especially since RSV season is right around the

So we're hoping that she does well on the meds and she can put on more
weight by the time her next appointment rolls around. In the meantime
Dr. G is presenting her case to fellow pediatric cardiologists to see
what their point of attack would be to get another opinion.

For now we're still hopeful that the meds can keep her heart healthy
long enough for her heart to do it's thing and heal itself, but the
doc stressed today that he's definitely worried.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


Michelle said...

Hmm. I'm sorry you didn't get all good news. Good thoughts and prayers are definitely being sent Izzy's way.

foiplus said...

Oh Becky, you and Izzy are in my prayers. **hugs**

Sammy said...

Oh my...we are thinking of little Izzy and hoping that she'll be ok!