I'm Home

Surgery went well, no more gallbladder!

Matt says that I had a small umbilical hernia that they fixed while they were in there.

Tired, hazy, nauseated, and in pain, but hopefully I'll be well enough to take care of the girls by Monday when Matt goes back to work.

and no, Mike, I didn't did not ask to keep it.

(better now, smart ass? :) )


MNO said...

Oh! Glad you got that hernia fixed too. I've got one right now that has been so painful this pregnancy and I wish they could get to it when I have my c/s.

Glad you're home and healing. Wishing you a speedy redcovery and let Matt take care of you!


niftysunburn said...

didn't not ask? So, does that mean you did ask?

maggie said...

This is very old news now.

Fix that.