Surgery Scheduled for Izzy

Some of you know that our last appt with the cardiologist was quite confusing. We went in expecting to discuss the surgery and to get the go ahead to schedule it, and instead Dr G told is we could push it back and suggested getting a second opinion.

We were quite blindsighted by the appt and we didn't ask the questions we should have. After coming home and discussing it, we decided it best to call his nurse and discuss what had changed. I heard back today and basically what I learned was what I expected - he sent us the direction he did because he could tell we were apprehensive. No one wants to put their seemingly healthy on the outside baby through surgery, but we trust his opinion. Plus we have the opinion of all the other docs at Hope Childrens as well as the surgeon.

They all say that timing is crucial due to the risks that cold/flu/RSV season, so we really don't want to wait until December to get into see a new doc for an official 2nd opinion, then till Jan/Feb for the surgery.

So basically we got in contact with the surgeon today and we have a date for surgery - November 19th.

So it looks like we're going to miss turkey day with the fam (boooo!!), but she should be better in time for her first Christmas.

Here's what we know:
She goes in on the 16th for a checkup to make sure she's healthy for surgery. Then we go in some time on the 19th (we'll know more after we get the packet from the doc). The surgery should last about 3-4 hours (w/ prep), and she'll be in the PICU for that first day. We'll have to come home that day as there won't be a place to sleep, but once she's moved we'll have accomidations. She should only be there for 2-4 days.

After that recovery is around 4 weeks, so just before Christmas she should be good as new!

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

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Renee said...

I hope everything goes well with Izzy's surgery, we'll be thinking of you

Renee (lovenotes)